Understanding Infertility

Infertility is classified as primary or secondary, depending on previous history of pregnancy.

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Treatments are prescribed after analyzing medical and pregnancy history. These could include IVF, IUI, ICSI, fertility enhancing surgeries or other treatments.

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Role of an Expert

It advisable for couples not to delay consulting an infertility expert the moment they start thinking in terms of fertility.

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About Us

Xenos in Greek means a ‘Guest Friend’ and Zenith, a word used for the peak or epitome of a required result or success, both reflect in ‘Xenith’ and are at the core of patient care. Our aim at Xenith, best IVF Centre in PCMC & Pune, is to give a caring and comforting environment to every patient stepping into the clinic and ensuring a successful outcome in terms of pregnancy results for each. The centre ensures being with the patient in their journey towards joy.

Being an advanced fertility and IVF Center in Pune & PCMC we understand your concerns, your feelings and also have the expertise and solutions to fulfill your dreams. We partner with you in your journey to parenthood, with our core expertise in IVF and Infertility Treatments in PCMC & Pune clubbed with utmost care.

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Infertility Treatments In Pune

Know More About All Infertility Treatments in Pune

Best IVF Center in Pune

" Xenith Advanced Fertility Center in Pune has consistently delivered high IVF success rates, making us one of the best Fertility clinics, as also endorsed by the various Nationwide surveys and awards that we have received. Our Director, Dr.Mamta Dighe, IVF Specialist in PCMC is one of the first three people in India to have obtained her training and degree in Reproductive Medicine from the National Board of Examinations. We offer years of experience, expertise and latest reproductive technologies in the area of infertility and plan tailor made treatments designed for individual needs. "

IVF FAQ Answers

Best IVF Center in Pune
  1. 1
    What is infertility?
  2. 2
    What are the causes of infertility in Males as well as Females?
  3. 3
    When is IVF needed?
  4. 4
    Are IVF injections painful?
  5. 5
    Are there risks to having baby through IVF?
  6. 6
    Is the egg retrieval painful?
  7. 7
    What if a woman is not capable of carrying a pregnancy?
  8. 8
    What are the chances of pregnancy with frozen embryos?
  9. 9
    How are Frozen Embryos transferred?
  10. 10
    What are the options if a woman’s own eggs are not producing a pregnancy?
  11. 11
    What is the difference between IVF and Test Tube Baby?
  12. 12
    Is it necessary to take rest after IVF cycle is done?
  13. 13
    How soon after IVF can a pregnancy test be performed?
  14. 14
    If I conceive, will my baby be normal?
  15. 15
    Is IVF very expensive?
  16. 16
    Do we need to get admitted in the IVF process?
  17. 17
    Am I a candidate for IVF?
  18. 18
    How long does IVF take?
  19. 19
    Are there any restrictions while undergoing IVF?
  20. 20
    How many times can a couple try IVF treatment?

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Client testimonials for IVF Centre in Pune

Three years ago I underwent the IVF treatment from Dr. Mamta Dighe IVF Specialist in Pune and got best results in the first attempt itself. I am very happy taking treatment from her. She is the best doctor according to me. Her charges are also quite normal and affordable. Clinic is well maintained. I highly recommended Xenith clinic for couples dealing with infertility.

- Arti Wagh

For close to 7 years, we consulted doctors for infertility and went through all possible treatments including 3 IVF attempts with a renowned doctor. We had given up all hope till we were referred to Dr. Mamta Dighe. She and her staff were very comforting , supportive & professional and went about our treatment methodically. I was able to conceive in my very first IVF attempt and we were blessed with a healthy baby boy. We are very thankful to Dr. Mamta and her staff and strongly recommend other would-be parents with infertility problems to consult Xenith IVF Clinic Pune.

- Dr. Priya and Nikhil

Google Reviews

IVF Centre in Pune, Google Reviews

Very Good experience. We have been consulting with Mamta mam since the last year & have been completely satisfied with the treatment. She has guided us very professionally & step by step. All team members are supportive & helpful. Thank you Dr. Mamta mam, Dr. Varsha mam, Dr. Poonam mam & the entire Xenith team. I would strongly recommend...

- Prashant Dhamdhere

Dr. Mamta and entire team Xenith doing extremely brilliant work in this field. We have been consulting with Mamta mam since last couple of months and has been completely satisfied with the treatment mechanism, environment of clinic, THE ENTIRE TEAM XENITH, staff behavior and last but not the least Dr. Mamta as she is simply Devine personality. Just by having interaction with her all the issues looks sorted not just because of the aweosme positive attitude she Carries but also her rich expertise and experience in this field. We recommend Xenith Clinic to everyone facing Infertility issues.

- Shailendra Raghuvanshi