Egg Donation: When female partner is unable to produce eggs due to various reasons like menopause, premature ovarian failure or age factor, the infertile couple seeks a woman who would donate eggs. The eggs are fertilised and implanted in the womb of the desired mother. Thereafter the children are born in a natural manner. The desired mother has to undergo two to three sessions of hormonal therapy before obtaining the eggs from the donor woman. It is called Hormonal Replacement Technique. This therapy is used to determine whether the womb of a woman is competent for implantation.

The donor is completely screened for any history of hereditary problems, ovarian reserve and infectious diseases. Her husband is also screened for any infectious diseases. Only a woman with proven fertility, who has borne children is chosen as an egg/oocyte donor. As far as possible, certain characteristics like height, colour of skin and eyes and features are matched. We also try to match the blood group as far as possible.

Once the menstrual cycles of the donor and recipient are matched, the donor starts hormone injections to make multiple eggs and the recipient starts oral hormone medications to develop the lining of the uterus , in order to receive the embryos made for implantation into the uterus. Once the oocytes are ready, the donor undergoes oocyte retrieval under anaesthesia. The husband of the recipient, ( the couple receiving the embryo created with donor eggs) gives a semen sample on the day the eggs from the donor are collected and the eggs are fertilized using the same sperms. The embryos thus created are then implanted into the uterus of the woman accepting these embryos.

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