There are a number of diagnostic tools available to help pinpoint the cause of infertility. After a couple has undergone evaluation through a comprehensive physical exam and medical history, a fertility doctor will recommend specific diagnostic tests.

Before having infertility testing, be aware of the commitment that's required. Your doctor or clinic will need to determine what your sexual habits are and may make recommendations about changing them. Tests and treatment trial periods may extend over several months. In some infertile couples, no specific cause is found (unexplained infertility).

Evaluation can be expensive and in some cases involves uncomfortable procedures. Many medical plans may not reimburse the cost of fertility treatment. Finally, there's no guarantee — even after all the testing and counselling — that conception will occur


The fertility specialists at Xenith Advanced Fertility center perform both male and female infertility diagnosis and testing. In very broad terms, fertility diagnosis starts with attempting to determine the impact of several major factors for the male and female partners with testing and diagnosis:

Diagnosis & Testing

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