What is
in Vitro

Many couples willing to have their own child are still unable to become pregnant after first line therapy such as ovulation induction, intrauterine insemination, or reproductive surgery. For these couples, the next logical step is to explore the Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) popularly known as Test Tube Baby.

  • Indications for ART -

Both Fallopian tubes blocked as a result of any disease or previous surgical procedure The partner with reduced sperm count (Oligozoospermia) or motility (Asthenospermia) Antibodies to the gamete. Endometriosis i.e. the endometrium (lining of womb) which is normally inside the uterus, appears on the structures outside the uterus. Unexplained Infertility (refer to couples in whom no obvious pathology is found but who cannot conceive in spite of primary treatments like ovulation induction and IUI).

IVF also helps women who have absent ovaries or where there are no eggs in the ovaries provided any young member of the family with proven fertility is willing to donate her oocytes.

  • IVF Medications -

It is necessary to take certain medications during the IVF cycle in order to prepare the body for the treatment. The instructions for each medication vary from patient to patient. The medical team at Xenith will analyze your case closely to determine which medications to use, what dosage to take, when to administer the medications and how long to take them.

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