Self care while undergoing an IVF Treatment.

Self care while undergoing an IVF Treatment
Tuesday, 23 June, 2020

Self care while undergoing an IVF Treatment.

For those struggling with infertility, in vitro fertilization (IVF) can offer another option for becoming pregnant. During this process, eggs are taken from a person’s ovaries and fertilized with sperm. The resulting embryo can then either be frozen or implanted in the person’s uterus. The process can be taxing. In addition to the financial strain, the person undergoing treatment is left to deal with the physical and mental stress that can accompany IVF. Whether you’re about to begin your IVF journey or are currently in the middle of an IVF cycle, self-care can provide a great way to cope with what can be an emotionally draining experience. Apart from all the below it is important to choose the right IVF centre. Xenith being one of the Best Test Tube Baby Treatment Center in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad has highly qualified doctors who can help you through your IVF journey mentally as well.

What does it mean to different women and why is it important?

Research- In preparing for IVF cycles, self-care could involve a ton of research on what exactly IVF is, how the body best responds to medications, how to maximize the chances of success. What components of self-care would contribute to the highest rate of success and what would contribute to failure?

Maintaining physical and mental health- Self-care means proactively looking after your physical and mental health and recognizing how important it is to do that both for yourself and the people around you. It’s absolutely essential during IVF because it’s one of the toughest things you’ll go through in your life.

Stress Management- Self-care can also mean de-stressing, decompressing, and finding ways to cope with emotions and doubts that creep in, especially during times of stress and uncertainty. Self-care is so important during IVF because an infertility diagnosis can be emotionally taxing. It can be a rollercoaster of highs and lows.

It can be physically demanding and mentally draining, and committing to self-care is one of the most important things you can do for yourself at any time, but especially during IVF.

Things you can do?

Having a stress-free schedule during IVF cycles. Clearing schedules for enough space to avoid rush or scheduling conflicts during treatments is necessary.

Doing things that are in your control can ease the process. As the result of the cycle is something out of control you can do things that are in control like creating a playlist to listen to while visiting the fertility clinic, organizing the documents of each cycle, being positive, eating healthy and meditating.

Eating fertility boosting food, going for a walk, playing with your pets, indulging in relaxing massages and hobbies.

Do whatever gives you five minutes of happiness during the process.

You could buy a lollipop, get a manicure, don’t pick up the phone if you don’t want to, take that nap, and watch your favorite show!

Don’t give up “Yourself ” for “Baby.” IVF is a miracle science that has given many people the families they dream of, but and the journey can be long and hard. So, whatever you do, don’t lose sight of the other things you want for your life and that makes you feel happy about being alive. We at Xenith advanced fertility center, one of the Best Test Tube Baby Treatment Centers in Pune & PCMC, explain our patents the importance of self-care before the treatment begins and work hard towards making a dream of happy family come true for you!