Vitamin-D and its Effects on Fertility

Vitamin-D and its Effects on Fertility
Monday 20, July, 2019

Vitamin-D and its Effects on Fertility

Vitamin D gets produced in our body as an effect on sun exposure. This is the natural resource, but the intake of vitamin D can also be taken through a certain type of diet and supplements. We have learned from our school days, how vitamin D is essential for our immunity and overall health. All of us know that vitamins are nutrients. The body cannot create it. Therefore, vitamins have to be consumed through diet. However, vitamin D is perhaps something unique because it is produced in the skin as a consequence of exposure to the sunlight. Therefore, it is called 'Sunshine vitamin'.

But vitamin D is equally important for fertility. Although the medical fraternity is well aware of it, this fact is rarely known to the people at large. Let's now, therefore, understand the effects of Vitamin D on female fertility.

Apart from tremendous other health benefits associated with vitamin D, this natural gift received from the sunlight is very good for better natural fertility and healthy pregnancy. Some researchers have also found that a good level of vitamin D improves success rates of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment and transfer of donor egg embryos.

But there is another school of thought. According to some other experts, though the data for vitamin D is inconclusive, after an ample amount of research it is found that vitamin D blood levels to the extent of 30 ng/ml or more guarantee higher pregnancy rates. This research was primarily conducted with white women in the European continent. Women, particularly in the Indian subcontinent, with a normal level of vitamin D, have better chances of getting pregnant through IVF in comparison to the Anglo-American women who have a low level of vitamin D. Even in case of donor egg recipients, women in the subcontinent who have very good vitamin D level have better chances of pregnancy compared to the white women. According to other statistical analyses, vitamin D levels are linked with live birth rates in women who are undergoing fertility treatment. Women with a vitamin D level of 30 ng/ml. have a greater live birth rate than women with lower vitamin D levels.

Importance of Vitamin D during pregnancy

So far we have seen how vitamin D has a positive impact on fertility. Our nutritionist at Xenith- one of the best IVF center in Pune & Pimpri Chinchwad, is of the opinion that good amount of Vitamin D in the body has a very good impact during pregnancy as well. Going further, a woman with a very good vitamin D level can overcome all odds to have a healthy pregnancy. Studies also reveal that pregnant women with a deficiency of vitamin D are at risk of premature delivery, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia - which means alarmingly high blood pressure during pregnancy. It is, therefore, suggested to have appropriate vitamin D supplements during pregnancy, which is good for the mom and the baby.

There is also a comprehensive study available about the importance of vitamin D in male reproduction. The study was conducted in 2010 in Denmark. The scientists studied few men with orchidectomies because of testicular cancer and prostatectomy (partial/complete removal of the prostate through surgery). The scientists concluded that there was a significant expression of Vitamin D and VDR in the metabolization of enzymes in human testes and ejaculatory route. This goes on to suggest that vitamin D is very important in spermatogenesis (production of mature spermatozoa) as well as the maturation of human sperm. But this study is confined to pathological specimens. Nevertheless, it does not undermine the importance of vitamin D and its role in fertility.

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